Order user id
to D&B Interactive

With this formula you can order user id to D&B Interactive.

If you want to become D&B customer
Enter information into the first part of the formula, wihtin a couple of days you will be contactec by one of our salesmen.

If you already are a D&B customer
Enter your customer code and the name and social security number for the users.

Obs! The formula will be forwarded via e-mail. If you do not have e-maol, please print the formula and fax it to D&B Sverige fax.no. 08-275335 or 040-79441.

Company name:
Ordered by:
If you are an existing customer plase also enter below:
Subscriber #:
New user: Soc.no: E-mail:
New user: Soc.no: E-mail:
New user: Soc.no: E-mail:


Till Huvudmenyn